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Mar 17, 2013 11:00pm PDT
. happy st. patrick's day. another look at san francisco's city hall glistening green tonight. thank you so much for joins us this weekend, we'll see you back here next weekend. >>> it was a historic visit, we go back to 1987 and the journey of pope john paul ii to northern california. and we look at the other papal visits to the united states. >> i give you my best wishes. >> and we look at the lives of john paul ii and the career to date of pope benedict xvi. >>> good evening and welcome to a second look. pope john paul ii came to san francisco at the time that the city was at the grips of the aids epidemic. what the pope did helped to comfort those with aids. he reached out and touched them offering a blessing an hope of healing. we have a report from that day. beginning with rita williams who was at mission dolores with the pope's visit to the california's oldest mission. >> reporter: john paul ii warmly greeted those along the center aisle of the pope. some of the 900 invited guests. the pope then approached the nine pews of aids patients. and certainly the most moving moment came w
Mar 24, 2013 11:00pm PDT
the cell block the two inmates had overpowered 10 guards. in san francisco thousands of people watched the fighting on alcatraz from the safety of the city's hills. >> scene of the bloody battle of alcatraz. the federal penal island surrounded by san francisco bay, here for nearly 40 hours of murderous mutiny, the lighthouse looks down at the setting for the drama of violence and sudden death. >> the pitch battle left 15 guards wounded and two dead. the three inmate ring leaders of the escaped attempt were found dead shot to death in a utility corridor in cell block c. in a gruesome postmortum, prison officials allowed the photographing of the fingerprinting of the men. the battle of alcatraz was over. >>> when we come back on a second look -- >> three bank robbers serving long terms scratched their ways through grills, climbed a pipe and disappeared from the forbidden rock in san francisco bay. it appears to be the first successful escape in the history of the prison. the escape triggered the biggest man hunt in san francisco history as agents of the fbi, sheriff deputy and lo
Mar 10, 2013 11:00pm PDT
killed eight people and wounded six others at a law office in san francisco's financial district. the pistols had been fitted with 30 round magazines. craig hepas has the recounting of the events that day. >> reporter: in the plight of a normal thursday afternoon july 1st, 1993 all hell broke lose in the san francisco offices of pettit and market attorney at law. >> initially when we got here we found there were five, maybe six victims. preliminary investigation shows that there might be a few more. >> there's lots in there i want you to go and give me some patient. >> get out of way you're going to get run over. >> reporter: starting on the 44th floor, a gunman would work his way through the law office from floor to floor firing as we went. he did not know his victims. >> let's go. right there. >> we were in the bathroom when it happened and we heard the smoke and fire alarm go off. and walked out and thought it was a fire alarm. we're going to grab our purses then saw the bull holes in the window of the conference room. then ran, ran down the staircase. >> did you hear the shooting?
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3